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Ring Tones

Probably the popular feature is that cell phone tones can be personalized. You can get free ring tones online and you can get them to match your specific cellular phone make. You can get cell phone ring tones that are your favorite songs and that particular song will help you identify your own calls. Available on the Internet are software programs that you can download that will allow you to record any music that you choose. Once that is done, you can send them to your cellular phone. There will be a specific code you must use. You also have the ability to send these ring tones to friends as long as they have the same make of cellular phone. Smart tones will have been previously installed in your cell phone when you purchase it. There will be extra space for up to 10 tones that you can assign to certain callers. The idea being that you can easily identify your caller without seeing the mobile phone. (This would not be ideal for anyone who has trouble in the memory department!) Unless these programs are designated as free download you may want to read the fine print on the cost involved. One note: mobile ring tones draw on your battery more than the usual phone usage. So, if you are playing your music more than necessary, you will not have the talk-time you usually do.


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