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Mobile Phone Background

What brought about the need for mobile phones? The “culprits” would probably be considered the people in the business world. The need to get information from one business or customer to the other equaled money. Time is money. A few of the companies that could really benefit from mobile phones were the taxi cabs (they would be provided with a private system) delivery companies used pager services just to name a couple. Radio Common Carriers and Bell Systems were the first real competitors. In l947 the US the mobile phones were very’ rough’ in their design. Base stations were very few and calls were very limited by the Federal Communications Commission. About the same time, mobile phones were being developed in Stockholm around 1951. Phones were installed into cars and were powered by the car batter. The downside to the first phone was to use it drained the battery and it was so large (now they are as small as a credit card!) and only the elite could afford them.

In l973 Dr. Martin Cooper and a team developed the first portable handheld phone. Motorola was the first to incorporate the technology into portable device that was designed for outside of an automobile. By 1977, AT&T and Bell Labs had constructed a prototype cellular system. A year later, public trials of the new system were started in Chicago with over two thousand trial customers. By the mid l980’s there were over one million customers tied to cell phone. AT&T Wireless Services, Bell South and Southwestern Bell are the most recognized as wireless cell phone carriers. At the time of this report there are around 200 million subscribers to cell phones. Speculation has it that by the year 2009 there will be one billion cell phones sold. The wireless phone that had its birth as a business necessity has now become a national appendage!


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